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REST API Implementation Using FW1 ColdFusion

REST (REpresentational State Transfer), is an architectural style for providing standards for communicate between various computer applications (Web, Mobile, IoT..etc). REST API is the future and it is de facto standard in modern SPA (single page applications) applications. here it explains the implementation of REST API using FW1 framework. You might consumed various famous REST APIs (google maps API, PayPal API etc.,) in our applications. But building a RESTful web service, like other programming skills is part art.

In this blog post, we are going to learn, how to build a RESTful web service using FW/1 framework in Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee. FW1 is a ColdFusion lightweight MVC framework developed by Sean Corfield.

FW1 Security Module

In MitrahSoft, we use FW1 as default CFML framework for most of our applications. In most cases, we need role based security implementation. So we have created a sample to achieve...