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Video Compression Using FFmpeg On ColdFusion

Nobody want to store large video / audio files into their server hard disk or s3 buckets. So while uploading, they are all expecting to compress the video or audio files without losing originality, when we upload a video or an audio files in to their application. We do have functions & tag to manipulate image files in ColdFusion, but We don't have any ColdFusion build in option (tag / function) to manipulate audio / video files. You might heard of ffmpeg and it's wide usability. it is mostly in videos & audios sites such as YouTube/soundcloud or any other similar site. ffmpeg is very simple to learn. On ColdFusion, we can able to compress the video or audio files using FFmpeg utility. it is a free open source command line utility compatiable with all major operating systems (Windowns, Linunx & Mac). As We are going to demonstrate this process in Windows operating system, so we will be using FFmpeg .exe files. ColdFusion has the facility to run the executable ( .exe, .bin, .bat, .sh ) files using cfexecute tag. Other than, video compression, ffmpeg can be used to know the duration of the movie/audio in seconds to retrieving the bitrate of the movie/audio file. This can be very helpful when you are developing application that has to do with uploading videos because you can know a lot of information about it.