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PresideCMS - New ColdFusion Open Source CMS In Town

MitrahSoft have expertise in MuraCMS & we are exploring other ColdFusion Open source content management systems available in the market. ContentBox & PresideCMS are notable CMS alternate in ColdFusion CMS world. As MitrahSoft team have prior ColdBox experience, we love both PresideCMS & ContentBox. As a personal preference, we choose Preside & going to spend more time to learn this in detail. In upcoming months, you can see, MitrahSoft contribution to PresideCMS.

About PresideCMS:

PresideCMS is an open source CMS for the Lucee Server built on the ColdBox MVC Framework. It is developed and maintained by Pixl8 Interactive. Preside CMS is powerful content management system that's affordable, scalable and easy to use.With complete design flexibility, control over page and navigation creation and granular user permissions, Preside offers the front-end functionality your team requires to manage website content effectively.

One of the main advantages of Preside CMS is that it enables non-technically minded users to create functional pages or upload and modify content themselves, without the support or additional cost of a developer. So it's user-friendly interface. That's why we recommend that our fully customisable CMS is used with every new website we build.

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Why PresideCMS?

Because it's awesome. As the CMS landscape has changed over the years we have periodically reviewed the decision to build, invest and use this platform and believe that in comparison to other leading open systems it offers the following benefits.

  • A nice place for both users and developers
  • Far greater customisation
  • Faster speed of development
  • Fluid and fast user interface
  • Greater consistency and general code quality
  • A commitment to ensuring sites can be continually upgraded to the latest releases
Features of Preside CMS:

Preside comes packaged with a powerful multilingual content feature that allows you to make your client's pages and other data objects translatable to multiple languages.

PresideCMS multilingual feature
Manage multiple sites in one platform:
PresideCMS Multiple Sites

Preside allows users to create and manage multiple sites. This is perfect for things like microsites, different language sites and any other organisation of workflows and users.

We can use site templates. Site templates are like a Preside application within another Preside application. They can contain all the same folders and concepts as your main application but are only active when the currently active site is using the template.

PresideCMS Edit Site
Flexible to your needs:

Preside CMS functionality can be fully customised to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.

Total page and navigation control:
  • Save time and money by giving your team control over managing your website structure and content.
  • Preside CMS makes it simple to make changes to your website navigation and to build and edit pages, without the support of a developer.
Built to accommodate regular upgrades:

Preside has been developed to support the technical upgrades required to grow and scale a website. Unlike other CMS products, you will automatically benefit from all functionality upgrades we implement, without the additional costs of a developer.

Powerful content personalisation:

Preside CMS makes it easy for your team to set rules and actions to serve specific content to individuals and groups. Rules can be based on anything from paywalls, to relevant interests, membership packages or previous events attended.


There are two ways to install the preside CMS,

Another important advantage, they gave lot of extensions available as open source in forgebox such as stripe, sendGrid, mailgun and etc. And they not only provide a simple CMS, they have some skeleton for blog and REST.

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